Webinar Recap: Top Insights from Gene Kim and "The DevOps Handbook"

How do you create world-class agility, reliability, and security in technology organizations?

Tiffany Jaffe
Tiffany Jaffe, March 8, 2017 1:45 pm
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Learning about how the unicorns release scalable applications at speed is intriguing, but how useful is it for companies at the start of their DevOps transformation today? Do the same rules apply for complex SMEs with a complex mix of legacy and digital apps?

Last week Automic hosted a webinar with DevOps legend Gene Kim and Automic DevOps Evangelist Scott Willson to discuss Gene’s recently released The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations.

With a great turnout, Gene and Scott took us through their understanding of where DevOps stands today and its future significance, before answering many interesting questions from the audience in an eventful Q&A session.  

The Value of DevOps is Even Higher than We Thought

To begin, Gene told of his excitement towards the 48 case studies included in the book. These show how large, complex organizations utilize DevOps practices to gain successful outcomes that we generally only see and associate with larger organizations, such as Google, Amazon or Facebook.

So what does DevOps performance look like, and what are some of the top behaviors that cause DevOps performance? Reviewing the business gains in each of the 48 diverse case studies led Gene and his co-authors to understand the true business value of DevOps.

What are the Best Companies Doing Right?

Gene found that high performers are more agile, reliable, secure and controlled, and are winning in the marketplace over lower performers. Interestingly enough, Gene and his co-authors identified a correlation between DevOps practices and higher employer net promoter scores: Essentially, DevOps transformation not only comes with increases in business performance and innovation but also higher employee satisfaction and referral rates. It seems DevOps business value is greater than many initially thought and can be visible throughout the organization, not just within the software lifecycle.

Gene Kim’s Top 3 Observations

After helping us to understand the importance of DevOps to all organizations, whether unicorns or not, Gene took us through the top three lessons from his research. Each lesson in the webinar is presented with several case studies, examples and statistics.

1. DevOps Works in Complex Organizations

Large, complex organizations that use the same technical practices are getting the same sort of metrics as the unicorns. Also, DevOps transformations taking place inside these organizations today can teach us more than those that pioneered the practices many years ago.

2. Adapt to Survive

Large, successful organizations are very good at the daily operations it takes to sustain greatness over decades, but in order to sustain success, they must enable their teams to innovate and drive transformation outside their day-to-day roles. People who are able to thrive in transformational environments are often promoted and given more responsibility.  

3. The Relevance of Conway’s Law

Conway’s law (“Organizations which design systems…are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations”) has implications on how we design and execute our work. Gene takes us through a story about teams of engineers implementing changes, and their outcomes as it relates to Conway’s law.

Gene wraps up with one question to ask that predicts all IT and organizational performance: How much do we fear deploying changes?

To hear why this question is so important and how much more from Gene Kim and Scott Willson, check out the on-demand recording of the webinar.  

The DevOps Handbook is available at IT Revolution or Amazon.com.

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