Top 10 Highlights of Automic v12: Drive Agility and Empower DevOps NOW

A quick and easy reference guide to Agile Operations from Automic – we reveal the best features of our new products and where you can find more information on them

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, October 13, 2016 2:30 pm
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So this week we launched v12. Did you tune in? If you did, we hope you like what you saw. If not, no worries - take two minutes to read this blog and watch our launch activities on demand!

Automic v12 is all about driving operational agility across IT while empowering DevOps in the age of digital transformation. Ok, that's all the buzzwords to grab your attention. If you have 30 minutes free, please take a look at the recorded webinar here. I think you’ll like it. Please also join us at Automic World USA in Orlando next month to hear a lot more about how automation can help your company.

So, here are the top ten reasons why you may find Automic v12 interesting:

1. Deploy new DevOps apps fast

Whether you are using Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, or anything else... there is no faster way to deploy any number of apps from any number of scrum teams from any geography to any cloud than with Automic v12. Watch a real-world case study here...

2. Enable developers to provision apps at a click of a button

Whether you are using cloud infrastructure, traditional on-premises or private clouds, there is no faster way to provision stacks than with Automic v12 environment blueprints. Understand the power of blueprint provisioning here...

3. Upgrade your core business apps quickly and with minimal hassle

Now you can update those core apps whenever you want to – no need to wait for the next planned maintenance window, just get on and do it! Check out the simple four-step blueprint here...

4. Maintenance windows are now legacy world 101

If you use Automic software you can upgrade anywhere, at any time, and in no time. Watch the power of zero-impact agent updates here...

5. Orchestrate all your existing automation silos

Use the amazing uber orchestrator across all your existing automation tools and gain visibility and insight into your Cloud, data, Big Data, ERP and service desk automation tools. Watch how easy it is to provision any environment from ServiceNow here...

6. Reuse automation objects

Stop unnecessary coding and reuse automation across your clients and the entire company. Move to a zero-code environment in which objects can be shared and reused with the secure private vaults in the world’s leading automation Marketplace. Watch this video to find out how to reuse automation objects.

7. Simplify the interface

Fed up with different tools for automating different processes? Well, our unified interface can relieve that headache! Whether automating in the cloud, orchestrating that critical data process, managing a core business process, running a mainframe workload or releasing new updates, a unified interface lowers your training costs, improves visibility and gives you the operational tooling to succeed. Watch this for more details...

8. Get clever with intelligent insights

Isn't it about time you were able to see what is happening across all your automation silos? The uber orchestrator helps you control your automation silos and the unified interface lets you see everything through a single pane of glass, but now our new reporting and analytics capabilities help you gain insight into what is happening and show you where to correct. See’s what’s new here...

9. Give your Operations teams the tools they need to do their job

Isn't it about time you equipped your Operations teams with the tools they need to drive automation across your enterprise? Be a champion; drive your digital transformation with business automation from Automic. Watch here...

10. Embrace collaboration

The new ChatOps feature of Automic v12 means you can engage collaboratively with your teams or, well, just about anyone you want to! Checkout the plugin here...

Yes, we're pretty pumped about our announcement. The future of automation is Operations, and the future of Operations is automation. I'd love to hear your feedback on what is your favorite point :-).

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Chris Boorman

Chris Boorman

Dr. Chris Boorman is Chief Marketing Officer at Automic. His doctorate in Physics and Engineering drives his strategic thinking by always looking to understand the stories data can reveal. Chris is passionate about the impact automation and technology can have on business.