Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter on the State of Digital Transformation Today

DeLaughter explains how enterprises can drive agility into core applications with Application Release Automation

Todd DeLaughter
Todd DeLaughter, August 15, 2016 12:15 pm
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How can Automic support digital transformation?

Well I say today that they’re enterprises that start as digital natives and they already have a good handle on what digital world and a digital business looks like. Many of our customers actually have had traditional businesses and are trying to transform to a digital world.

So Automic software is a perfect compliment to that mission because we provide them with the ability to be agile and roll out more releases and changes in a systematic and process-driven way. We also give them the ability to do that reliably through automation that’s workflow based with processes and policies that allow for repeatable consistent delivery every single time.

What is the Automic proposition for ARA?

Well for Application Release Automation that’s one piece of an overall DevOps story and we provide the tools that allow you to orchestrate that DevOps tool chain. And whether you’re orchestrating applications that are developed by your company that roll out to your end users or whether you’re orchestrating big packaged applications like SAP, Siebel, Oracle that are responsible for running your back-end business, we can help with both of those and we can bring tremendous value to the speed and consistency with which enterprises can do application upgrades without impacting their business with downtime.

What kind of pain points do customers and prospects have and how can Automic support them?

I think the pain is driven by the need to be agile and to move faster. ‘At the pace of business today’ is the term and IT has historically lagged behind the pace the business wants. With automation you can move with the pace of business and you can do this across many areas of the IT infrastructure.

The Automic platform gives you the choice to choose where you want to address pain and then to move on to other areas that you see value. I think as a general platform get the Automic platform in place. Where you go from there is limitless. 

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Todd DeLaughter

Todd DeLaughter

Todd DeLaughter is Chief Executive Officer at Automic. He leverages his early career as a software engineer when it comes to product direction, development, and delivery, and has a passion for all things technology, software, startup, cloud and mobility related.