PeopleSoft Reconnect 2017 is for the people!

Doesn’t every team want to save time by reducing manual job submission and processes?

Tiffany Jaffe
Tiffany Jaffe, July 10, 2017 3:30 pm
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Follow us to the Windy City! The Automic team is heading to Chicago, Illinois July 18-20 to partake in Quest’s PeopleSoft Reconnect 2017. Let the wind guide you to booth 207 where you can meet the Automic team, go for a spin on our prize wheel, and even enter your name into the Quest-opoly drawing for a GoPro camera.

If you are looking to hone in on PeopleSoft and enjoy over 150 in-depth and focused sessions across pillars and the most pressing key topics, you have found the one conference you should attend this summer! With 600 attendees expected this year, come prepared to hear from over 100 cross-industry experts and over 20 hours of networking with your fellow PeopleSoft users. Register to attend before it’s too late!  

Automic for PeopleSoft (and the people)

We all know the power behind Oracle PeopleSoft applications. It is a mission critical application suite for many companies that runs crucial business processes, from human resources to finance, over to supply-chain planning and e-business.

But behind all this power, there are many other applications that feed information for processing and even more that take PeopleSoft information for later processing. So how do you avoid inefficiencies and creating application silos? The answer is easy! Automate PeopleSoft application processing and connect workflows with CA Automic Workload Automation.

In addition to being an Oracle validated integration, Automic for PeopleSoft has many benefits for your organization, including:

  • Business Processes Run Faster: Accelerate business processes by optimizing PeopleSoft application processing and orchestrating every step of the business process
  • Fewer Business Process Errors: Get things right first time by extending checks for business level errors to every stage of the business process
  • Increased Visibility and Control: Manage every step of the business process as it runs across PeopleSoft and other applications from a single point of control
  • Free Staff to Innovate: Eliminate the need to submit Jobs/Processes manually into the different Process Schedulers

Resolving your Challenges with Automation

“We’ve been with Automic for 15 years. We really don’t have any issues [with PeopleSoft], you guys solved them all.” – Mike Esposito, University of Colorado

Now that you’ve heard the benefits CA Automic Workload Automation can bring, hear how automation helped University of Colorado resolve the challenges they encountered with PeopleSoft.

With the large task of processing all data for the systems of many University campuses, time is of the essence. After the University implemented CA Automic Workload Automation, the time and resource savings quickly began to add up, as can be seen by the results below.

CA Automic Workload Automation helped the University of Colorado achieve:

  • Elimination of over 20,000 man hours of manual activity
  • Run control IDs automatically set at run time based on business information
  • Increased financial aid processing by removing of 860 hours a month of delays
  • Freeing up staff to now do what is on their job description

If that isn’t reason enough to stop by our booth at PeopleSoft Reconnect this year, it’s at least time to understand how Automic can help your company transition from opportunistic point solutions to an enterprise-wide systematic approach. Begin improving processing performance, gaining visibility of the entire process and ensuring PeopleSoft investments are fully exploited. 

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Improve ROI of PeopleSoft Enterprise with Business Automation

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Improve ROI of PeopleSoft Enterprise with Business Automation
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Improve ROI of PeopleSoft Enterprise with Business Automation

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Tiffany Jaffe

Tiffany Jaffe

Tiffany Jaffe is Regional Marketing Specialist for North, South and Latin America at Automic Software. Based in Bellevue, Washington, Tiffany has a strong history of campaign development and execution across a variety of marketing platforms. While constantly working to drive awareness and share the Automic story, she also enjoys traveling and exploring new cities in her downtime.