Maximizing Potential in the Automic Trial Environment

How we're using the Automic platform to provide insight and enhance user experience in the trial environment

Ben Smith
Ben Smith, August 3, 2017 12:45 pm
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At Automic, we’re in a privileged position to have developed a platform and tool that is ranked by Gartner as a market-leader. It only makes sense therefore that we should use our own product wherever possible. And in our Sandbox environment, we’re using the platform to aggregate data – giving our sales and development teams better insight into what our prospective customers are experimenting with, thus enabling a more tailored, targeted and personalized experience.

Options in the Trial Environment

Our sandbox trial has existed for the last two years as a great place for our customers to trial our software completely free. Currently, it’s possible to experiment with a whole raft of different options including:

  • Service Orchestration
  • Workloads
  • Batch Processes
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Financial Processes
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Big Data
  • File Transfers

Additionally, we are currently building CA integration demonstrations (CA Service Virtualization, CA Privileged User Governance, CA API Management, CA APM Management, CA SAP Extended Diagnostics, CA Test Data Manager) into the trial, and we intend to keep expanding its functionality as our product continues to evolve. While for some businesses this might be a major hurdle, as our platform is so scalable, we know we can continue to run the same reports and keep providing our teams with up-to-date information.

Moreover, as a trial user, you can explore hundreds of example actions and try out guided walk-thrus of common use cases. This gives you a chance to see first-hand how to simplify the management of daily operational tasks and business critical processes. You can also easily visualize and analyze workload performance through customized dashboards and analytics.

How Does It All Work?

Within the trial we’ve built workflows that are offering our in-house teams near-realtime insight into our trial users needs and requirements.

Our automation platform pulls data from Salesforce CRM, HubSpot and the sandbox trial itself. Using a combination of REST webservice calls and simple logic we’re able to link these four sources together in a MySQL Database.  We then use Google Data Studio dashboards to understand the data and decide how best to assist our users.

These screen shots show some of the metrics they are now privy to:

Automic Trial Dashboard 


Furthermore, not only does the workflow help our sales team understand potential customers’ behavior and interests, but the automation platform is also designed to offer up informed suggestions to users, based on their tendencies.

Automic Trial Analytics Workflow

What Does the Future Hold?

Having completed the integration of all our corporate systems and benefited from understanding both its consumption and users’ interactions, the next evolution will be to automatically connect people who are trialing our automation products with a technical specialist at Automic who can help guide and advise. This maximizes the user’s benefits from the experience and enables the conversation to be taken to the next level.

As a company, we have not only developed a fantastic product that brings a host of benefits to our customers, but one which we can use ourselves to improve the service we offer. And as we continue to enhance the automation platform, we’ll continue to refine what we deliver to you.

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