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Today is an important date in our history, because we are releasing the latest major version of our automation suite, the first as part of CA Technologies

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, October 10, 2017 1:30 pm
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We know that today, more than ever before, it is crucial for you, our customers, to push on with your digital transformations. In the age of agile and continuous delivery, you tell us that you need to be faster in all areas: faster to respond, faster to update and faster to innovate. We see you, our customers, looking at building your own Modern Software Factories. To help you, we know that it is vital that we deliver cutting-edge automation. This understanding is at the heart of what we do best; year-after-year we strive to deliver market-leading products that will enable you to move forward and stay competitive. That’s why I am proud to announce the latest version of our industry-leading platform, CA Automic v12.1.

I’d like to take this opportunity to explain what this means to you:

CA Automic 12.1

Our 12.1 launch is the first product launch since our acquisition by CA Technologies and our emphasis remains on helping you move towards greater agility and modern application delivery. Version 12.1 is a major step forward in our automation capabilities, as we move beyond ‘traditional’ approaches and in the direction of intelligent automation.

Intelligent Automation

We are already seeing you invest considerable resources to the automation of repeatable tasks, but it is now time to change the game by introducing more intelligence into how you define your automation approach. This is what our new release is enabling with the introduction of a new event engine that enables you to correlate data and events in new dynamic ways.

How? By implementing algorithms which connect instantly to thousands of external events and data sources, we immediately reduce latency in business workflows – while guaranteeing the integrity and delivery of information. It’s a major step in our roadmap toward AI and machine learning.

Automating the Modern Software Factory with v12.1

The Modern Software Factory is an exciting new approach to help you drive greater innovation, deliver an agile environment and build new applications quickly and reliably. Automation is one of the pillars of this approach, alongside agility, analytics and security.

Automation helps you to deliver incredible outcomes from your factory approach. For example:

Automating all your business processes drives reliability and consistency. Now, for example, you can automate your financial close, your data flows, your service desk requests and your hybrid-cloud business processes – which saves time and frees up human and budgetary resources to focus on new strategic imperatives.

Automation also helps connect your DevOps toolchain and deliver self-service capabilities to your developers, testers and business users. Your agile development teams can now provision new test environments at the click of a button – which saves time and helps them focus on delivering more code instead of operational processes.

Automation also helps with security by driving consistency, delivering automated audit trails and enabling security within your Dev teams. You can enable better compliance with industry regulations, or automate security processes and deliver on the promise of DevSecOps.

Automation also helps with performance by enabling automated remediation of performance trends before they become issues. You can monitor application response times and dynamically adapt workloads as well as preserve user experience.

You can see a lot more of these capabilities by watching demonstrations on the CA | Automic web here.

Committed to Intelligent Automation for the Modern Software Factory

We believe that Automation is a critical enabler of digital transformation and a pillar of your Modern Software Factory. CA has a great reputation for automation that is further augmented by the addition of the Automic portfolio. We are now a powerhouse delivering automation to over 4,000 enterprises and one of the clear leaders in all things automation – from automating back-office processes to Big Data; from orchestrating Cloud Applications to delivering lights-out business continuity; from automating your DevOps toolchain to rapid application deployments.

Today’s announcement of the new platform is part of CA’s ongoing commitment to enabling intelligent automation for the enterprise and is aligned with bringing the Modern Software Factory to life for accelerated business transformation. CA now brings together the full suite of automation products from across the company, including Automic, to empower modern application delivery.

It’s a very exciting time to be part of CA Technologies. If you would like to know more about our automation solutions, then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!

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Chris Boorman

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