Forza Milano! We Head to Italy to Taste Automic Live Milan

The Automic team deliver tasty debate, lunch and cocktails at their first ever Automic Live Italy event

Alix Maitre
Alix Maitre, March 17, 2017 11:00 am
Blog > Forza Milano! We Head to Italy to Taste Automic Live Milan

Last Tuesday (March 7), we were delighted to host our first Automic Live event in Italy, right in the center of Milan. On a typically sunny Italian day, over 70 attendees discussed agility and the role automation has to play in a successful digital transformation.

The Sessions Begin

Nicolas Combaret, Automic VP Sales (SEMEA) opened the session with Automic’s Italian Account Manager Filippo Zampiron. They first reviewed the fact that the economy is changing: it impacts companies who need to adapt and become more agile to survive. They also discussed the major trends in the automation and continuous delivery sectors based on analyst studies by the likes of Gartner and EMA.

Automic Product Manager Frédéric Caloone then presented the new features of Dollar Universe, and Automic’s plans for how the product will develop in future releases. Mario Tadros, Support Manager, went on by presenting Automic’s Customer Service, the only in the industry with 24/7/365 availability.

Attendees then enjoyed a coffee break and a chance to visit the various booths showcasing Automic products, with a chance to ask their own digital transformation questions to our product experts.

The Age of Agile Automation

After the break, Automic Senior Director of Presales Cédric Lafosse talked about the age of agile automation. He explained the struggle every company now has to assimilate their traditional legacy structure with today’s digital demand, and the pressure on IT departments to develop mode 1 apps with waterfall methodologies alongside mode 2 digital apps with new DevOps initiatives.

Then Solution Architect Pierre Bonafous introduced a session on why microservices hosted in container technology such as Docker are perfect for DevOps. He then spoke about why application release automation is vital to provision and keep control of containers, lower manual handoffs and manage change.

After that, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and a chat with our customers and partners.

In the afternoon session Yann Guernion, Product Marketing Director, explained how to achieve agility with SAP automation. He brought up the intriguing “postmodern application challenge”, explained how days of repetitive manual tasks can be avoided with automation SAP system copies, and why disparate systems and islands of automation are the enemies of agility for SAP systems.

Last but not least to take the stage was Pierre Bonafous, who in his second presentation of the day spoke about the differences between continuous deployment, delivery and integration. He explained the various components of a continuous delivery pipeline and their place in any DevOps model, and how release automation helps to manage these processes. Finally, he presented the Automic Blueprint to Continuous Delivery, with four defined steps towards this final goal, and the DevOps Maturity Assessment, a free tool to see what stage on the Blueprint your organization is at currently.

Cocktails All Round

The event ended with a great cocktail party, the perfect opportunity for networking and making new friends!

We would like to thank our Italian customers and partners for taking time out from their busy schedules to attend this first Automic Live event in Italy, and for the positive feedback we have received. It was a very successful day with some very interesting discussions.

After the success of this great day, we look forward to hosting more Automic Live events in Italy!

We hope to see you again soon!

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