The Best DevOps Training is Done the DevOps Way: Agile and Collaborative

Bringing DevOps together in an agile environment tailored to your needs

Damien Convert
Damien Convert, November 16, 2016 10:00 am
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Organizations everywhere are scratching their heads, attempting to bridge the gap between Dev and Ops and bring quality apps to market faster. The ideal starting point? Finding the best DevOps training to educate your staff. Especially when it’s delivered by experts with an unrivaled depth of training expertise, skills, and insight. Like the experts at the Automic University.

DevOps training should echo DevOps best practices, right? It should be agile (minimizing the time to market for skills and knowledge). It should be collaborative (engaging you with tailored training resources). And it should work (delivering a high-quality user experience).

If you’re doing DevOps training, you’ll also want to turn to a training organization that knows its stuff; one that does DevOps day in, day out, for Fortune 500 organizations. One that lives and delivers DevOps.

That is exactly what’s on offer with the Automic DevOps training courses, delivered by the Automic University Training Center. You get customized training, tailored to your needs to accelerate your DevOps skills, knowledge and ultimately transformation.

So you have a gulf right now between your Dev and Ops teams. The business is calling out for faster application releases and better quality services. You’ve heard about continuous deployment, but are not sure what it is or how to apply it.

Here are just some of the Automic University courses that can help you:

DevOps Foundation

Accredited by the DevOps Institute, this three-day training experience culminates in a “DevOps Foundation” exam certification, issued by the DevOps Institute. You’ll understand the objectives, vocabulary, concepts, and practices used in DevOps. Discover the value of DevOps for the company and learn about improved workflows. Moreover, you’ll learn how communication results in improved feedback loops and apply DevOps to a corporate environment. Although no previous training is required to attend this course, you should have some experience in the IT Services industry (design, development or operations).

DevOps Awareness

In just one day, you’ll learn the terminology, structure, tools, and basic concepts of DevOps. You’ll explore the imperative of transparent Dev and Ops communication and find out how to bridge the gap between both teams. Every organization wants to industrialize application deployments and industrialize infrastructure management operations. With this course you can. No training is required to attend this course, but it is recommended that participants have experience in the field of computer services (design, development or operations).

DevOps Transformation

Blending the best of on-demand eLearning and the interactive virtual classroom, you become ‘John’ for a day. You are VP of Infrastructure and Operations for a medium-sized retail bank and have to transform the organization, introducing agile DevOps practices to increase responsiveness and shorten release cycles while at the same time ensure the lights stay on. You’ll also gain lifetime access to our DevOps community to share experiences with IT leaders from different sectors and around the globe.

It’s quick and easy to register. Find out more here.

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Damien Convert

Damien Convert

Damien Convert is DevOps Consulting Manager at Automic Consulting. He has spent the last ten years in operations management, IT management consulting, data analysis for capacity management and IT management training. Damien’s passion lies in aligning services provided by IT organizations to business and end-user needs.