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SAP is a mission-critical product – but its legacy architecture is holding back digital transformation. In this on-demand webinar, Intellyx’s Jason Bloomberg discusses how automation brings your SAP into the digital age.

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, August 9, 2017 10:15 am
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Creating SAP test data environments traditionally takes months, but with automation, you can create them in minutes. Join us and we'll show you how!

Aligning your ERPs with digital technologies is a struggle facing many businesses, especially those running SAP. Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx president, argues that only a proper automation strategy will help you achieve SAP agility.

In our on-demand webinar, Jason and Yann discuss how modern digital transformation initiatives can embrace traditional ERP systems such as SAP.

For those enterprises which rely upon SAP, it is mission-critical and irreplaceable.  Yet, SAP poses several obstacles for the modern digitally focused company – it is a legacy architecture running predominantly on-premise with complex processes required to help drive speed and agility of development and testing. The inflexibility and lack of SAP agility can hinder any progress made by other development initiatives utilized within their organization.

Replacing it with a micro-service, cloud-native solution simply isn’t a feasible option. The real solution is for your legacy SAP systems to fully join the digital revolution.

The Case for Automation:

To bring agility to SAP, we explain why automation must be introduced as the only way to guarantee the speed and velocity we expect and demand from digital transformations. Processes and interactions within SAP can be automated in such a way that digital organizations can achieve the continuous delivery model of DevOps within the legacy world of SAP ERP.

We explain how CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP can rapidly enhance the way in which test data environments can be provisioned at a click of a button, in minutes instead of weeks. Now operational teams can enable self-service capabilities to their development and testing colleagues without needing to implement complex and time consuming manual processes to provision, copy, mask, maintain and synchronize data sets.

The benefits of automation are dramatic. Join us to find out more about modern day SAP challenges and introduce continuous delivery to your setup.

You can discover even more ways in which you can optimize your SAP application delivery process by downloading our exclusive eBook, ‘Achieving Business Agility in an ERP-driven World’, for free.

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Chris Boorman

Chris Boorman

Dr. Chris Boorman is Chief Marketing Officer at Automic. His doctorate in Physics and Engineering drives his strategic thinking by always looking to understand the stories data can reveal. Chris is passionate about the impact automation and technology can have on business.