Defining Digital Transformation: What is it and How Can Automation Help?

Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter is interviewed on how traditional companies can achieve successful digital transformation

Todd DeLaughter
Todd DeLaughter, February 13, 2017 12:45 pm
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How does Automic Define Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation for us is about enterprises being able to use technology that maybe wasn’t even in existence several years ago to extend their reach in terms of new markets or new products or new services for their end customers. And it's a customer base that’s increasingly very digitally savvy. They're social media connected, they're online 24/7 and enterprises can take advantage of this technology to reach their end customers in a totally different way. 

There are some businesses that we would call digital natives who start from day one thinking digitally and they take advantage of those technologies, but that’s not everybody. For us, the vast majority of our customers actually, even though we have a lot of digitally native customers, the vast majority have run very successful traditional businesses. Now, they have an opportunity to move into that new world. However the challenge is, how do they evolve their current business without adding risk? Without breaking what's working but taking advantage of the new opportunities that this digital transformation allows. 

We use the example of AMC Theaters, who’s a great customer of ours and I love this story, because going to movies doesn’t seem like a very high-tech thing to do, it's been around forever. But what AMC’s doing is fascinating to me, because they're taking this idea of being able to collect information from point of sale terminals. They understand when they launch a movie what the expected revenue would be for maybe a three-day window and if they're light on revenue in day one and let’s say it's a romantic comedy for instance, they know that the concession that sells best for romantic comedies is red Twizzler licorice. 

So they can launch a award/member text or email out and say hey, come see this movie at this venue and you buy a popcorn and a box of red Twizzlers, we'll give you two dollars off. So they use not only Big Data around performance of movies and concessions, but they use social media and automation software from Automic to really drive incremental business for each theater. So brilliant use and a good example I think of how even traditional enterprises can transform and use digital technologies to reach their customers in a whole different way.  

How does Automic Empower Digital Transformation?

Automation and what we've done actually for years, even before the term "digital transformation" became used in the market, we've always been about transforming customers digitally because if you look at what automation software does, it connects applications and business processes and links them to the systems that those apps run on. So we've been the very core and the heart of transformation for enterprise customers for years. Now, what we do and what's important today is to do that without adding additional risk.

So the repeatability of what automation can do when you define the models, the targeting of how you look at systems to be able to roll out automation in a consistent, predictable, with an audit trail sort of a fashion, all of that’s important for the traditional enterprises who want to transform themselves but do it with managing risk at the same time. 

How Important is Agility to Digital Transformation?

So what I can also say about digital transformation is there never really is a transformed end state. There never will be a finish to this. What digital transformation involves is actually the ability to continuously tune the business and do it with the setting, changing set of parameters and a set of changing market requirements. That’s the beauty of what we do for those end customers because we give them that automation platform that gives them the agility they need to continuously evolve with the market. So for us, when we think about the people who are responsible for digital transformation, it's the operational teams working with the business leaders to adjust those systems and tune them.

Having an agile operations team with agile technologies like Automic software gives the tools and the baseline to be able to adapt and adjust in tune no matter what the market opportunity, no matter how quickly it comes up. I'll give you a fun example, you know, recently that came up, you know, Brad and Angelina are splitting up. I don't know if you knew that, but one of the airlines in the UK ran an ad and they did it the next day, they turned on a dime, offering low-cost fares to Los Angeles one way and the title was, “Brad’s available.” Right? How do you respond as a business to market opportunities and to do it quickly, you need technology and systems and a mindset that says, you know, we're here to be agile and respond to the business.

And Automic is at the core of that. We give our customers the tools to be that agile operations team and to digitally transform their business.

What other digital transformation services does Automic offer apart from automation software?

Automic is with you on this journey of digital transformation much more than just offering software that you can use. We're a solution provider and we're there to help you from beginning to end. So we have consulting services. If you're looking to transform, we can come in and talk you through how you might get from point A to point B, help you build your own business plan or business case, for your transformation. We have deployment services, we have training and education, interestingly we also then have post-implementation consulting services, where we'll come in and make sure that you're getting the most out of your investment. We're there to help you and to hold your hand if you want it throughout that process. So you can go to, take a look at what the service offerings are, and engage with us. We'd love to help you. 

We want you to become the automation champion within your environment. Digital transformation requires people who can not only spot the opportunities but be bold enough to raise their hand and say we should change direction, here’s how we can do it, let’s go. So good luck and hope to talk to you soon about your transformation needs. 

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