CA Automic Release Automation v12.1: Scaling Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise

As IT continues to change, enterprises are looking for solutions which enable scalability. CA Automic Release Automation v12.1 allows the entire enterprise to be continuously delivered.

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, October 12, 2017 1:45 pm
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Modern enterprise IT is undergoing great change. Along with DevOps practices, the adoption of cloud computing and agile software development methodologies are dramatically altering IT departments and the fortunes of the businesses they serve. Software developers, for instance, are rewriting major apps to take advantage of more nimble container architectures and non-blocking frameworks. These rewrites not only make applications more scalable, but shorten maintenance and rollback windows as well. CA Automic Release Automation (CA ARA) v12.1 is pivotal to these rewrites and their scalability.

Pundits often proclaim, ‘Out with the old and in with the new’, but the challenge for modern enterprise IT, is a lesson learned from history. Over time, the enterprise IT technology portfolio has not shrunk, but expanded and despite the many technological revolutions and innovations, IT portfolios continue to grow rather than be entirely replaced.

This lesson must be fully understood when laying out a continuous delivery strategy that addresses enterprise agility. By only onboarding newer apps, you do not properly drive the efficiencies and revenue gains that can be had. The entire enterprise portfolio needs to be part of your continuous delivery pipelines. Thankfully, CA ARA v12.1 can support such initiatives from the Internet of Things (IoT) to mainframe.

CA Automic Release Automation v12.1: The Scalable Solution

With CA Automic Release Automation v12.1, you gain shared visibility for all tech-stack delivery pipelines. The release planning, with advanced calendaring and environment modeling, ensures frictionless deployments for apps and services that rely on shared resources, environments or timelines. CA ARA supports modern containerized apps, core backend systems such as mainframes and even commercial off the shelf apps like Siebel. Continuous delivery is no longer only for new apps. With CA ARA v12.1, the entire enterprise can be delivered continuously.

And if your using cloud infrastructure? Version 12.1 will shorten the lead time and reduce costs associated with provisioning and deprovisioning cloud environments. With CA ARA blueprints, entire on-demand and hybrid environments can be modeled out and created (or destroyed) by a single click or with each Jenkins build. Docker, AWS, VMWare, and Azure are all supported with more to follow. CA ARA v12.1 blueprints will speed up test cycles, reduce concerns for underlying infrastructure and allow you to be cloud agnostic.

Version 12.1 has enhanced its user interface to be much more user-friendly and intuitive, as well as providing data visualizations for important yet external data sources. You will always be in the know, as shared visibility encourages shared concerns and accountability.

Version 12.1 of CA ARA expands the scalability of an already scalable solution. A single active CA Automic Release Automation cluster can support up to 500,000 endpoints! Yes, that’s not a typo, 500K! CA ARA is the most scalable Application Release Automation solution on the market – period. Obviously, scalability has long been important for the modern distributed enterprise, but it is becoming even more relevant for the IoT technology wave. Version 12.1 is IPv6 compliant so you can include IoT in your continuous delivery pipelines and enterprise IT strategy.

The latest release of CA ARA also includes expanded REST APIs, and public or private Marketplace vaults to store and download Action Packs (plugins). This means the most scalable application release automation solution is also easily accessible and can be embedded into your existing toolchain. Indeed, CA ARA empowers ChatOps meaning deployments can be monitored, approved and managed from many chat clients.

So meet the challenge of an expanding platform portfolio by using CA Automic Release Automation v12.1. With v12.1, you can continuously deliver everything that matters to your business in this modern digital age.

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