Automic Wins Best DevOps Commercial Solution!

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Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, January 31, 2017 5:00 pm
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We are very pleased to announce that CA Automic Release Automation (ARA) was victorious in a very competitive field of ‘Best DevOps Commercial Solution’ in the DevOps Dozen awards. The shortlist was drawn up by and the general public then voted for the winners, so of course we are very grateful to those of you who took the time out to vote for us.

What Are the DevOps Dozen Awards?

As DevOps moved into the mainstream over the last couple of of years, have introduced an annual award ceremony to recognize “leaders, movers, shakers and innovators” within the DevOps space. With new DevOps tools, events, books and consultants popping up every month these days, DevOps is now an industry in its own right. These awards are in 12 distinct categories, giving scope to a range of companies and individuals at the cutting edge of the movement.

Why did Automic Win Best DevOps Commercial Solution?

Our ARA product was designed to ensure a DevOps approach and agile practices could be swiftly integrated to deployment processes with minimum disruption. ARA automates all deployments in a fashion that facilitates rapid feedback and Continuous Delivery, while at the same time providing the security, audit trails, versioning and approvals needed in production.

ARA forms a fundamental stage of Automic’s ‘Blueprint to Continuous Delivery’, a proposition to guide customers along on their digital transformation. With vast tool chains and intricate architectures now the norm, releases and updates are becoming ever more complex. It is against this backdrop that ARA enables customers to save time and money by reducing the need for manual input and eliminating the risk of human error.

CA Automic Release Automation v12

As it happened, the awards nominations were made shortly after Automic’s v12 release, which was a major milestone in the field of release automation. Automic accompanied the release with the intention of “driving agility and empowering DevOps.” To attain this feat, the product brought a number of competitive advantages to Automic customers, without sacrificing any of the reliability or functionality that had established the original product as a major player in the market.

Enhancements included zero downtime upgrades, new environment provisioning capabilities and wizards, improved navigation, new wizards and an action builder. Ultimately, v12 reinforced the idea that Automic has the most advanced and complete solution on the market.

The Future of ARA

In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report towards the end of 2016, the analyst suggested that by 2020, 50% of global enterprises will have implemented at least one ARA solution, which is a huge rise from less than 10% of companies today. This will dramatically enhance gains that organizations are making from the less sophisticated automation solutions currently in place.

We at Automic are very pleased to be considered at the forefront of this exciting space. We are grateful for your support and hope that we can continue to offer solutions that both meet and surpass your expectations. 

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Chris Boorman

Chris Boorman

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