Automic Attends IDC’s Middle East CIO Summit on Enabling Dynamic Change for the Digital Era

This year IDC’s Middle East CIO Summit took place in Dubai, on-board the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, and Automic were privileged to be involved.

Nabil Ben Abdallah
Nabil Ben Abdallah, April 18, 2017 1:30 pm
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One hundred of the region's most influential CIOs set sail last month, as International Data Corporation (IDC) hosted the 10th anniversary edition of its flagship Middle East CIO Summit on board the luxurious Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, 'Vision of the Seas'. Focusing on “Enabling Dynamic Change for the Digital Era”, the event began on March 6th and concluded six days later.

Embarking on a Voyage of Digital Transformation

I’m thrilled our team was part of IDC’s 2017 CIO Summit where we had the opportunity to network and share expert insights amongst the Middle East’s foremost ICT decision makers and pioneering end users. I also enjoyed sharing how Automic helps drive digital transformation and business agility for our global customers.

Now in its tenth year, the IDC Middle East CIO Summit has been at the forefront of ICT thought leadership since its inception in 2008. This year’s event featured presentations, panel discussions, focus groups and workshops to help CIOs rethink the way they leverage information, harness emerging ICT solutions and facilitate organization-wide innovation to make their enterprises more agile, efficient and productive than ever before.

The Role of CIOs in Digital Transformation

"Organizations across the Middle East are increasingly embracing a new wave of innovation accelerating technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and the internet of things," commented Jyoti Lalchandani, IDC's Group Vice President and Regional Managing Director for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey. "Establishing precisely where the CIO fits into this digital transformation process is key to delivering success. To assist in this process, IDC's Middle East CIO Summit 2017 brought together an enviable lineup of industry thought leaders to outline strategies for leveraging these breakthrough technologies to improve efficiencies, enhance productivity and transform the customer experience."

With this in mind, intimate focus groups featuring a maximum of 20 CIOs each added a fresh twist to the agenda at IDC’s summit, with discussions centering on the role of data in driving digital transformation, the quest to enable agile business through open and secure datacenter networks, and the growing demands to implement true omnichannel customer experiences.

Furthermore, IDC's most renowned global names flew in for the event, with Meredith Whalen, Senior Vice President for IT Executive, Software, Services, and Industry Research, delivering the Summit's keynote address and chairing a number of panel discussions. She was joined by IDC colleagues Steven Frantzen, Pete Lindstrom, Stephen Elliot, Mike Rosen as well as Jyoti Lalchandani.

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Nabil Ben Abdallah

Nabil Ben Abdallah

Nabil Ben Abdallah has been with Automic for over 8 years and is the VP of Sales for the Middle East. A graduate of McGill University in Canada, his responsibilities include managing the operations and creating new business opportunities. During his leisure time, Nabil enjoys playing golf and tennis.