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Service Orchestration: The Three-Legged Stool of Intelligent Business Automation

Three capabilities are essential to intelligently automating your business – automation, integration and information

Neville Kroeger
Neville Kroeger, Wed 18th Oct 2017

Application Remediation: Just What the Doctor Ordered

When we fall ill, we rush to the emergency room, where we have to wait to be seen. When our software suffers, we won’t wait for application remediation in the same way: we simply change providers.

Neville Kroeger
Neville Kroeger, Thu 20th Jul 2017

Why Are Most Companies Struggling to Manage Test Data?

Getting rid of the agile development traditional bottleneck is easier than you think with Automic test data management

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Thu 13th Jul 2017

Are You Prepared for Disaster (Recovery)?

Most companies cannot efficiently execute their disaster recovery plans. Surprised? Nervous? If you can see your company in these murky waters, you should be…

Tony Beeston
Tony Beeston, Fri 30th Jun 2017

Drive Business Growth with Process Orchestration

Automic reveals how process orchestration enables rapid, reliable service delivery in cloud or hybrid environments.

Neville Kroeger
Neville Kroeger, Wed 31st May 2017

Where is Agile SAP? The Missing Link in Your Continuous Delivery Toolchain

Agile Development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery are everywhere else, so why not SAP?

Nils Engelbert
Nils Engelbert, Wed 11th Jan 2017

Removing Your Barriers to Business Agility: Automating IT Operations

Alleviating concerns about automating IT Operations and ensuring your path to agility is clear

Robert Thullner

Top 10 Highlights of Automic v12: Drive Agility and Empower DevOps NOW

A quick and easy reference guide to Agile Operations from Automic – we reveal the best features of our new products and where you can find more information on them

Chris Boorman

Agile Orchestration: Your Key to Digital Transformation

How automated agile orchestration can enable vital business agility for your enterprise

Ralf Paschen
Ralf Paschen, Wed 12th Oct 2016

Automic v12: The Speed and Agility You Need for Digital Transformation

Here is a sneak peak of what’s to come in v12 of the Automic platform, due to be unveiled on October 4th

Chris Boorman


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