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Why is Agile SAP Test Data Management Vital to Continuous Delivery?

Your development practices are agile now, so why should you have to wait so long for testing?

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Wed 14th Jun 2017

Where is Agile SAP? The Missing Link in Your Continuous Delivery Toolchain

Agile Development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery are everywhere else, so why not SAP?

Nils Engelbert
Nils Engelbert, Wed 11th Jan 2017

7 reasons to automate SAP system copy

Reduce person-days spent on this frustrating task to free funds for sexy innovation

Patrick Jucht
Patrick Jucht, Fri 4th Mar 2016

Retail therapy: Automating SAP and Oracle Retail

How retail customers use Automic Workload Automation to heal logistical pain points

Mark Nation
Mark Nation, Fri 11th Dec 2015

How to make SAP system copies quickly without human error

Save days of manual labour by automating your SAP system copy process

Ralf Paschen
Ralf Paschen, Thu 27th Aug 2015


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