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ERP Process Automation Demands More than a Simple Scheduling Solution

In this era of rapid digital transformation, enterprise-wide ERP process automation matters more than ever. Here's why.

Tony Beeston
Tony Beeston, Wed 10th May 2017

Managing IT Pressures in the National Health Service as Part of a Public Sector Transformation

How public sector transformation is benefitting from workload automation

Tony Beeston
Tony Beeston, Tue 21st Mar 2017

Why do You Need a Digital Transformation Strategy?

Digital transformation is touching almost every industry. It’s time to meet it head on, using automation to drive agility across your core enterprise applications.

Ralf Paschen

Close Books Faster and Eliminate Risk with Finance Automation

We look at how finance automation helps a heathcare and a finance organization to automate and accelerate manual finance processes to increase efficiency, cut costs and reducing risk.

Guenther Flamm
Guenther Flamm, Mon 21st Nov 2016

Automation Case Study: Bank Halves Temenos T24 Administration Costs

Meezan Bank turns to Automic to drive more efficient, reliable, and secure close of business processing

Guenther Flamm
Guenther Flamm, Thu 15th Sep 2016

Automic Develop First Hyperion/Oracle EPM Financial Close Integration

A behind the scenes look at how Automic used customer feedback to speed up delivery of its key financial close software integration

Marc Carkeek
Marc Carkeek, Thu 14th Apr 2016

5 Common Hyperion Financial Management Pain Points and How to Cure Them

While Hyperion Financial Management does wonders for finance automation, it ironically creates a new list of problems we need to solve

Tony Beeston

Automating the banking and finance sector

How automation is key to digital transformation

Mark Nation
Mark Nation, Wed 9th Dec 2015

Do you have complete control over your financial reporting?

How automation allows you to report quicker without human error

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, Wed 2nd Dec 2015


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