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Moving to the Cloud, What's the Issue?

Five essential steps to successfully manage your company's cloud adoption

Cillian Bane
Cillian Bane, Mon 19th Feb 2018

Faster, Streamlined Azure and OpenStack Provisioning

What are the benefits of introducing Uber Orchestration to your cloud provisioning

Neville Kroeger
Neville Kroeger, Tue 16th Jan 2018

Self-Service: How Automation Helps You Help Yourself

Traditional self-service approaches have been at odds with our expectations of the digital age. Automation resolves these issues.

Neville Kroeger
Neville Kroeger, Tue 5th Dec 2017

Cloud Workloads, Simplified

Over the years, the cloud has changed a lot – but there remains a misconception about cloud workloads.

Neville Kroeger
Neville Kroeger, Thu 31st Aug 2017

Cloud Migration Case Study: Marketing Company Saves $1.5m per Year

Colombian multinational marketing company Publicar increases availability to 99.9%, achieves faster problem resolution and meets business demand for Cloud migration services with Automic.

Guenther Flamm
Guenther Flamm, Mon 5th Sep 2016

Automic join the Azure revolution with new Action Pack release

This latest Automic integration is free for CA Automic Release Automation and Service Orchestration customers

Ron Gidron
Ron Gidron, Wed 23rd Dec 2015

New research shows surprising stats on Cloud adoption

How our OpenStack plug-in allows IT departments to entrust more applications to the cloud

Ron Gidron
Ron Gidron, Tue 22nd Dec 2015

What are the advantages of cloud computing?

What the cloud is and how it has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, just like the automobile.

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, Thu 29th Oct 2015

Disaster Recovery – Ensuring Speed and Safety When Bringing Business Systems Back to Life

Automate your way through the complexity of Disaster Recovery.

Robin Bloor
Robin Bloor, Thu 1st Oct 2015

Five Reasons to Implement Hybrid Cloud Automation

Why smarter IT Operations opt for abstraction.

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Wed 8th Apr 2015


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