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What’s the Point of Big Data Without the Insight?

Strategic for business but overwhelming for IT, how to you manage Big Data?

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Mon 27th Feb 2017

5 Key Requirements for Enabling Agile Analytics

DevOps + Continuous Delivery + Big Data = Continuous Analytics

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Thu 28th Jul 2016

What is the Difference Between a Data Lake and a Data Warehouse?

Data lake or data warehouse - what do they do and which one is right for you?

Dave Kellermanns
Dave Kellermanns, Fri 8th Jul 2016

How to Manage Big Data with Hadoop Automation

Many enterprises are collecting Big Data, but how do we use it efficiently to gain a competitive edge?

Dave Kellermanns
Dave Kellermanns, Thu 16th Jun 2016

Taming Big Data Complexity With Automation

A new QuoCirca report reveals why data automation is imperative to successfully manage the explosion in data volume, velocity and variety.

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Thu 21st Apr 2016

Six of the best: the ultimate list of IT trends to watch in 2016

Are you exploiting Fast Data? Which IoT platform do you use? Man, you’re so 2015! Read our list of buzzwords and next big things to make sure you’re in the loop for the year ahead.

Ralf Paschen
Ralf Paschen, Fri 8th Jan 2016

What is Big Data? Big load of nonsense or the biggest game-changer in business today?

Automic CMO Chris Boorman investigates what Big Data is and how it might impact your organization

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, Thu 12th Nov 2015

How big data is changing ETL

Workload automation is a mandatory step to fully leverage Hadoop initiatives

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Tue 30th Jun 2015


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