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CA Automic Release Automation Environment Blueprints for All Application Landscapes

How can CA ARA deliver environments for all of your applications?

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, Mon 20th Nov 2017

Managing and Automating the DevOps Toolchain

How does CA ARA help you manage your toolchain?

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, Thu 16th Nov 2017

DevOps Orchestration with CA ARA v12.1

The continuous delivery pipeline can be visualized as a factory. What do factories require? Orchestration.

Ron Gidron
Ron Gidron, Mon 6th Nov 2017

CA Automic Wins DevOps Industry Awards in “Leading DevOps Vendor” Category

Recognized for customer commitment, quality and value for money

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, Thu 26th Oct 2017

IoT Automation and the Modern Software Factory

The Internet of Things has limitless potential, but it has been held back by an ability to properly scale. Could things be about to change?

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, Tue 24th Oct 2017

CA Automic Release Automation v12.1: Scaling Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise

As IT continues to change, enterprises are looking for solutions which enable scalability. CA Automic Release Automation v12.1 allows the entire enterprise to be continuously delivered.

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, Thu 12th Oct 2017

Getting the Full DevOps Picture with our Continuous Delivery Map

Navigate your way around the DevOps landscape with our Continuous Delivery Map!

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, Tue 19th Sep 2017

Agility In, Silos Out: How to Automate the Legacy Stack

Having been named a ‘Leader’ in the latest Forrester Wave, CA Technologies and Automic can help you automate everything, end-to-end – including your legacy solutions.

Aline Gerew
Aline Gerew, Wed 13th Sep 2017

Understanding Your Network of Continuous Delivery Tools

Why have we developed an interactive map? To help you on your journey to Continuous Delivery.

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, Thu 7th Sep 2017


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