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Re-connect islands of security without weakening your firewall

To ensure a continuously secure automation network, you are experiencing exponential growth of network segments—islands of security with thousands of uncontrollable tunnels between them. This problem of multiplying open firewall ports is particularly apparent if you control external servers in different, co-located network segments. For every new host, your CA Automic administrator is opening a new network port in your secure automation network, as well as in the externally located target network.

This volume of open firewall ports compounds complexity, is time-consuming to administer, expensive, and can quickly undermine your IT governance and compliance strategy.

Every time you need a new port, for example, your security team needs to evaluate, document and give approval to the network team—a significant administrative overhead. Moreover, the security officer will be alarmed by the risk to governance and compliance arising from the rapidly growing number of open firewall ports. Each one representing the increased risk of a hacking attack into your secure automation network.

Secure your critical network segments from threats with CA Automic Proxy

Now you can lower risk, increase control and reduce network security maintenance costs using CA Automic Proxy. Using this CA Automic solution, you can seal off thousands of firewall ports in your critical network segments and ensure fail-safe communication. This innovative CA Automic Proxy solution removes all incoming open ports from your secure CA Automic network and adds a transparent application security layer to your CA Automic Protocol.

The result is a more secure automation environment, free of threats, significantly more control and lower network security maintenance costs.

How CA Automic Proxy works

  • Provides secured tunnels between the secure CA Automic network and your secured data center networks
  • Reduces the administrative burden of opening up new firewall ports for each new automation target
  • Identifies which application servers from outside connect through which entry point into the secure CA Automic network
  • Ensures only outgoing connections from the secure automation network—no incoming connections


  • Eliminates the threat of external hacking attacks and provides a secure automation environment, through an additional application security layer to the CA Automic protocol
  • Delivers faster time-to-value for new automation initiatives: CA Automic Proxy quickly automates new hosts and applications without touching or weakening your firewall
  • Reduces network security maintenance costs
  • Satisfy to firewall hole monitoring and evaluation

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