How will you choose the right business automation partner?

Open the door to unrivalled digital innovation, faster time to market, lower cost and increased productivity.  Get ready for your enterprise digital transformation.

Choose Automic as your business automation partner!

Choosing the right business automation partner is one of the most important decisions your business will make. Get it right and you open the door to unrivalled digital innovation, faster time to market, lower cost and increased productivity. Get it wrong and you risk being lumbered with an outmoded, inflexible automation solution—and lagging behind competitors.

Why should you choose Automic? 

Our single, unified solution suite automates all your business and IT processes—whether on-premise, the Cloud, Big Data or the Internet of Things.
Release automation, Process automation and Service orchestration are all combined in one, modern and scalable automation platform. Automation is all we do.

It doesn’t stop there.

These features make the Automic ONE Platform the first stop for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations:

  • Object oriented architecture. Reduces the number of jobs and processes under management. Lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational costs, including headcount.
  • Multi-tenancy platform. Enables multiple lines of business to leverage the power of Automic—whatever the use case. Lowers capital expenditure costs, such as hardware, while minimizing operational costs like headcount.
  • Open. Ensures connectivity to any application, database, operating system or infrastructure. Multiple use cases can be handled within the same platform.
  • Scalable. Supports your growing business. Customers today run up to 4.5 million processes per day on Automic.
  • Modern Web GUI. Delivers self-service capabilities among both business and IT users, increase productivity and lower TCO using Automic’s modern, intuitive Web GUI.
  • Cluster technologies. Ensures 24x7 reliability, minimal downtime from failure and maximum scalability.
  • Zero downtime upgrades. Enables continuous operations without any maintenance windows in a world where 24/7 isn’t an option—it’s an imperative.


Hundreds of visionary customers have made the switch to Automic already and never looked back. 


Isn’t it time you made the switch?

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