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SAP user experience is critical to efficient business processing; operators experiencing slow response times will switch activities – but these tasks remain part of broader processes. Having to switch task creates ripples of inefficiencies with magnified impact across the entire organization.

Users who change activities often only return to these tasks once they have been raised as an issue, and then rush to complete the work. These limited timelines increase the potential for human error, which creates further delay and, potentially, problems for the business.

SAP users will often adapt to poor response times by finding alternative ways of completing their processing. These alternative methods create inconsistencies in procedures and increase the potential for misunderstanding and, ultimately, further processing errors.

SAP Extended Diagnostics (CA SED) provides industry-leading application performance management for SAP, enabling early detection of user experience issues and identification of the root cause of the issues. CA Automic Workload Automation (CA AWA) is directly integrated into CA SED to allow for immediate remediation to be instigated.

This results not only in faster detection of performance problems but, importantly, a significant reduction in time to instigate remediation and return systems to normal operating levels.

By integrating CA SED and CA AWA you can provide a self-healing environment. This means problems can be detected, remediation enacted, results monitored and systems returned to normal – without a person being near a keyboard. Automatically restoring SAP user performance increases business process efficiency and delivers a flawless user experience across your organization.


CA AWA with CA SED features:

  • Integrated solution allows CA SED to instantly start remediation efforts within CA AWA
  • Reduce batch workload while maintaining agreed service levels, freeing resources for user activity
  • The CA AWA integration with CA SED enables monitoring to see if remediation action resolved issues and systems are returning to normal
  • CA AWA allows for infrastructure to be increased to support SAP usage – both on-premises and in the cloud
  • Multiple levels of remediation can be modeled, including approval to extend infrastructure beyond set levels

The benefits of CA AWA with CA SED:

  • Reduce time to identify user experience response issues by 85%
  • Halve application management and administration time to deliver flawless user experience
  • Prevent over half of user experience issues before users notice them
  • Restore user experience in 1/10th the time
  • Improve quality of service and reduce delivery costs


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