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Drive Agility Across Test and Test Data Environments

The application economy puts increasing pressure on organizations to continuously deliver valuable and high-quality applications faster than ever before. Yet the quality of an application depends on the quality of the tests. However, getting the suitable environment, with the right test data, to the right place, at the right time, remains a significant challenge for most companies.

Addressing these issues requires a combination of practices and tools in order to define, create, provision, refresh and secure test data across all steps of the continuous test data management lifecycle.

Automated Test Data Provisioning and Masking

Automated Test Data Cloning and Generation


CA Test Data Manager (CA TDM) uniquely combines elements of data subsetting, masking and synthetic, on-demand data generation to enable testing teams to meet the agile needs of the organization. CA Automic Service Orchestration (CA ASO) and CA Automic Release Automation (CA ARA) are directly integrated into CA TDM to allow automating end-to-end the time-consuming and resource-intensive set of operations required by Agile and DevOps teams for doing efficient Continuous Delivery.

As complexity and speed of change increases, combining CA TDM with CA ARA and CA ASO provides a way to address the need for the accelerated delivery of new features to the business, without jeopardizing application quality and conformance to data protection regulations.

Test Data Automation Features

  • Synthetic data generation. Create rich, synthetic data which increases coverage of possible tests
  • Data masking. Secure non-production data using high performance masking and stay compliant with data protection regulations
  • Data subsetting. Easily clone specific subsets of data into target environments
  • Self-service. Automated delivery of test environment and coordination across all teams and existing DevOps tools
  • Single console. End-to-end control and monitoring of the entire testing process, from environment provisioning to the actual test cases execution, through the test data generation

Test Data Automation Benefits 

  • Reduce time needed to generate test data by up to 90%
  • Eliminate data constraints and reduce the time and resources required to provision data by 50%
  • Creating accurate subsets of data can drastically reduce infrastructure cost
  • Accelerate testing cycles with self-service provisioning and automated test-case execution
  • Ensure quality and consistent testing by using fresh data on test cases
  • Guarantee compliance to data protection regulations (like EU GDPR) by anonymizing sensitive data into non-production environments
  • Lower operational costs with skilled staff freed from mundane and repetitive tasks


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