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Digital disrupters and start-ups are driving intensified competition and innovation across all industries, as they deliver exceptional customer experiences at blazing speeds while monetizing Big Data. It’s clear then for enterprises to not simply compete, but survive, digital transformation is key. The heart and soul of digital transformation are APIs. Whether you are building new applications, devices or mobile applications, or introducing services to your customers, APIs will be at the core of each.

But without a means of central API management, API security, policy and activity control becomes a liability. That is why API management solutions are the de facto standard for enterprises. As with application release, it is now commonplace for many enterprises to have tens, if not hundreds, of API releases happening every day. As APIs begin to form such a critical role within enterprises, how they are released is key for ensuring stability and business continuity. Releasing APIs requires the same dependency management, automation and control mechanics needed by any other application.

Any errors during release can be catastrophic for the business (as experienced by Knight Capital in 2012). With so many moving parts forming your organization, it’s vital to keep dependencies in check and ensure your teams are always able to see what is deployed where, when and by whom.

Unfortunately, the majority of the current solution sets in the market do not provide solid release automation solutions for APIs. That’s where CA Automic Release Automation comes in, with a fully integrated solution that supports CA API Management natively.

CA Automic Release Automation CA API Management Integration Provides

  • API versioning and rollout as part of the application release processes, enabling adherence to the same access control, audit and automation mechanics as the rest of your software components
  • Release Automation stateflow rules can dynamically set and alter policies linked to version promotions or rollback
  • Ability to include API bundles and other software components in a single release package or as part of a composite release ensuring dependencies and version matching
  • Tight integration between CA ARA and CA API ensures closed loop continues delivery and continuous monitoring


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