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Application Release Automation

CA Technologies is the leader in business automation, empowering digital transformation at large enterprise IT organizations with intelligent automation for the modern software factory. Customers rely on our Application Release Automation product to drive the agility, speed and reliability required for businesses to stay competitive in the digital age. The goal is to provide consistent, repeatable and auditable deployments across the continuous delivery pipeline.

Agile development methodologies applied pressure on delivery pipelines by introducing smaller, yet more frequent updates. Then came business demand for faster and more frequent releases into production due to competitive pressures and market disruption.

If Operations are both responsive to interruption and responsible for stability and compliance, they often can’t keep pace with developers. They can’t invite risk, no matter how small, into production environment.

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Recently 84.51° embarked on an incredible journey with CA Technologies. By partnering with the CA team, we were able to successfully and completely replace our previous workload automation tool with CA Automic Workload Automation in less than 90 days! Due to the success of that project, we subsequently ran a successful POC of CA Automic Release Automation and are in the process of implementing that at this time. This gives us the speed and agility we need to get new application updates and services to our clients,” said Jeff Schmidt, Senior Automation Engineer, 84.51°. “CA Automic v12 will allow us to go further in empowering our business users with a new unified user interface through which they can visually track their solutions each step of the way.

Most Application Release Automation vendors focus on providing Continuous Delivery capabilities. However, if the definition of Continuous Delivery is to make production updates available for production deployment, then Continuous Delivery stops at production’s door. Continuous Deployment is the next step, where approved updates are not just made available for production deployments, they can be automatically deployed into production.

Production-proven Release Automation ensures predictability and compliance for deployments of both production and lower environments. CA Automic Release Automation enables both Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.



Customers using CA Automic Release Automation no longer need to maintain custom scripts for deployment, configuration and provisioning. CA Technologies customers move beyond islands of automation and separate practices for PROD and non-PROD. CA customers become agile enterprises using intelligent automation for the modern software factory that scales to the Internet of Things as well as to core backend systems such as the mainframe.

Credibility - Automic has:

  • A reputation as a recognized business partner to thousands of large organizations worldwide with over 20 years of production-grade automation experience
  • Over 2600 customers worldwide
  • Recognition by top industry analyst firms Gartner and Forrester and some of the worlds largest-scale deployments
  • A background and the longevity make us the idea partner for transformative initiatives such as DevOps or digital transformation

Expertise - Automic offers

Automic is the world’s largest pure-play automation company, with specific expertise in Continuous Delivery and DevOps.


  • The most flexible Application Release Automation product on the market
  • Unbiased connectivity
  • Unmatched performance and scalability
  • Built-in multitenancy, rollback, environment reservation and locking capabilities

Additionally, CA Automic Release Automation is environment agnostic – physical hardware, private/public/hybrid cloud and Docker containers are all fully supported. For these reasons CA Technologies is uniquely positioned to help transform any enterprise for the digital age.