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When applications are released and updated things can get messy, either for your application or other connected ones. Change equals risk, there’s no way around this. The integration of CA ARA and CA APM is designed to solve this challenge; letting you release applications at any pace while continuously synchronizing performance monitoring streams with data. The combined solution ensures any negative impact is detected and acted upon before users notice, including automatic rollback if something goes terribly wrong. 

Any error during release can be catastrophic for the business (In 2012 Knight Capital went out of business because of one – read about it here). And when performance issues occur it is vital that teams have all the data available to ensure a speedy recovery. However, the current situation leaves much to be desired with little to no integration between the majority of the DevOps toolchain and Application Performance Monitoring, both of which rely heavily on correlation after the fact. This is where CA ARA and CA APM comes in. We have designed the two solutions to work together seamlessly.

  • CA ARA and CA APM end user monitoring integration enables synthetic proactive validation of deployments
  • Time correlated monitoring and deployment integration reviles any performance degradations at the backend immediately
  • Rollback triggers from CA APM to CA ARA enable automatic remediation in detected failure conditions
  • Deployment activity layered on the CA APM timeline improved triage and reduces MTTR

The solution’s benefits include:

  • Early detection of performance issues enabling resolution without user impact
  • App user retention
  • 80%+ reduction in time to detect
  • 50% reduction in mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • Reduce application management costs by over 50%
  • Flawless user experience


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