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For those just embarking on their transformation journey, Automic provides a maturity assessment service coupled with a basic Application Release Automation foundation. To learn more about our assessment service click here. You will also get access to our product – CA Automic Release Automation – and be able to lay the foundation for your Continuous Delivery transformation by quickly eliminating manual bottlenecks.

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Steps toward unified continuous app delivery

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With your Application Release Automation foundation in place you can now advance by creating fully-automated deployment pipelines for your most critical business applications using the modeling and integration capabilities built into CA Automic Release Automation. This enables the standardization of deployment processes without needing to change tools for different development and test teams, while still enjoying controlled yet automated production deployments. Development and Test teams can use any tools they desire to achieve Continuous Delivery with CA Automic Release Automation.

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Once your deployment pipelines are automated for key applications you can begin to leverage CA Automic Release Automation’s advanced orchestration capabilities to deliver Continuous Delivery across the full IT stack. Use cases include environment provisioning as-a-service for QA and Development staff and giving Development and Test teams more flexibility and efficiencies (they no longer have to wait days for an environment to be provisioned). Advanced workload placements are available such as production environments on bare-metal infrastructure, public/private/hybrid clouds or even containers such as Docker.


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ARA New Features: Approval Gates

Orchestrate the tool chain with AWS

Orchestrate the tool chain with Azure

Once you have some of your main applications enabled for Continuous Delivery, you can look to extend this capability across your entire portfolio. In this final stage you will implement end-to-end Continuous Deployment into production from multiple applications and teams. Policies, defined processes, supportive procedures and notification systems making up the full ITSM stack will be orchestrated within the automated framework.

Within this phase, organizations will: 

  • Bridge the gap between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment.

  • Ensure production deployments are fully automated, on-demand and adhere to security, approval, compliance and change policies.

  • Support environment agnosticism – bare-metal, private/public/hybrid cloud and Docker.

  • Achieve closer alignment to DevOps and digital transformation initiatives.

  • Provide cross-portfolio application releases from a fully-orchestrated ITSM stack.

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