Automic Dollar Universe

Optimize IT workload in high volume, hybrid, heterogeneous environments

Automic Dollar Universe automates and optimizes IT workload in today’s high volume, hybrid, heterogeneous environments—whether large or small, complex or simple, on-premises or in the Cloud. Its real-time, event-driven capabilities guarantees your business processes complete on time, in a reliable, reportable, and measurable fashion.

Clocks, calendars, events and alerts can all be combined with complex dependencies to drive the IT processes you need to run your business. Create reusable business rules that can be parameterized and repeatedly deployed to support future growth.

Automic Dollar Universe gives you enterprise-wide visibility and end-to-end control of your business-critical application workload.

Automic Dollar Universe ensures users get up-to-date information, fewer errors and swifter resolution times. Increase staff productivity and fully audit IT processes, while leveraging an architecture that will grow with your business.

Upgrade to Dollar Universe v6

With Dollar Universe v6 , discover a better way to look at Enterprise Job Scheduling, introducing enhanced visibility, increased business uptime, greater simplicity and improved performance. 

Upgrade to Dollar Universe v6

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Upgrade to Automic Workload Automation

Dollar Universe users can easily upgrade to Automic Workload Automation for adopting a systematic business automation platform that is fundamental to support DevOps initiatives.

Automic’s automation platform delivers a unified, flexible approach to automation by enabling use cases like Automic Workload Automation, Automic Release Automation and Automic Service Orchestration within a single automation platform.

Upgrade to Automic Workload Automation

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