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Who to Follow for DevOps Resources on Twitter

The definitive who’s who of DevOps luminaries – follow these 12 experts for industry-leading insight into the world of DevOps

Courtney Glymph
Courtney Glymph, Wed 25th May 2016

ServiceNow Self Services + Agile Orchestration = Dreams?

How to realize your self-service orchestration dreams without ripping and replacing existing tools

Ralf Paschen
Ralf Paschen, Fri 20th May 2016

4 Ways to Teach your Automation Dog New Tricks

How to automate the automation, make it invisible, increase control and achieve agility…welcome to Automation 2.0

Vladi Shlesman
Vladi Shlesman, Mon 16th May 2016

What is Continuous Service and how does it help IT departments?

Avoid islands of automation and gain end-to-end visibility over self-service processes

Ralf Paschen
Ralf Paschen, Mon 9th May 2016

What is Service Orchestration?

We explain how service orchestration and automation enable you to provide innovative services to cope with the lightning-quick disruption in business today.

Ralf Paschen
Ralf Paschen, Mon 9th May 2016


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