Our vision is to empower your business through automation. With automation we enable agility and reliability on your digital transformation.

Are your application teams losing control?

Help your application teams deliver more functionality, more quickly without disrupting current applications — use automation to start scaling DevOps.

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How to tailor DevOps to your organization - a transformation case study

How was your last financial close?

Our Finance Automation customers have halved the time it takes them to close their books — and are now free to focus on running a better business.

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Ventana Research: Close Sooner with Less Effort

Is your ERP system designed for the digital era?

Use Automic ERP Automation to make your ERP environment modern, relevant and sustainable for today’s digital age.

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Automated ERP Performance

Is bad data causing your business processes to fail?

Data is the lifeblood of your applications and business processes — make sure you have the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

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Automating Hadoop in the Cloud

Are you able to deliver services to users at the push of a button?

Automate the delivery of simple or complex IT services requested by your users from a self-service portal, or through any other trigger.

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Automic Service Orchestration

Automation Replacement

Our unified Business Automation platform automates all your business and IT processes—whether on-premise, the Cloud, Big Data or the Internet of Things.

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Architectures for Workload Automation

Featured resources

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Automation for the Internet of Things

The IoT is happening now. In this compelling eBook you can learn why the IoT is driving business complexity, the difference between opportunistic and systematic automation, and why automation is critical to success in the IoT.

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IDC: Business Automation in Complex SAP Environments

IDC Technology Spotlight examines cases of heterogeneous SAP system environments and how organizations have used Automic solutions to automate business processes and reap cost savings.

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Automic Continuous Everything Product Announcement

Discover how you can empower your business with Continuous Operations, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Service.

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Empowering Business Through Automation

The digital transformation era has dawned. Watch this short video and learn how to stay agile, innovate and thrive, rather than fail to adapt and be left behind. You’ll also bring IT closer to the business.

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Architectures for Workload Automation

Successful systems start with a solid software architecture. This short guide provides an overview of Distributed, Hierarchical, Database-Centric, and Centralized architectural solutions, including the pros and cons of each.

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The Future of IT Workload Automation

Read this eBook from the master and commander of workload automation, for ‘over the horizon’ insight into the future for workload automation in years to come.

What we offer

Automic Workload Automation Centrally create, manage and monitor your business application and IT infrastructure processing. Read more
Automic Release Automation Coordinate application release and deployment alongside critical business processes. Read more
Automic Service Orchestration Fully orchestrate complex services across business, application and infrastructure layers.  Read more